About Us

Who we are?
Established in 2018, Ebullientech Interactive LLP headquartered in Mumbai and having an office in Kolkata is a global IT consulting & digital marketing boutique delivering across the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Dubai apart from India. We aim to achieve innovative, robust, and scalable solutions while adhering to strict deadlines. We empower start-ups and corporates by building cohesive technology solutions and creating high-performing digital campaigns with our expertise and experience. Through our bespoke result-driven strategy, we produce tangible outcomes that facilitate our clients to reach the next level.
What we do?
Right from designing simple elegant websites, e-commerce portals, mobile applications to developing enterprise software applications or crafting an effective digital marketing strategy with SEO, AdWords, and Social Media at the core we are a technology and digital marketing solution provider for businesses of all sizes.
We personalise our offerings to provide an effective solution within budget and timeline. Our ability to develop technology-agnostic products and applications adapting to the client’s needs has made us a go-to technology partner.  We have the coveted skill-sets and specialists to tailor solutions to fit a wide range of businesses. Our purpose is to add value to our customers by refining their ideas and realising their goals through our decade-long expertise and experience. We flourish to master new technologies to keep ourselves modernised with the freshest industry news to deliver the best.

Meet Our Wonderful Team


We were founded by Kamalika Guha Roy who moved on from her 16 years of corporate career leaving behind a lucrative salary package & profile and Mithu Sarkar who was running her proprietorship business for the last 8 years to set-up this company. Our founders bring more than 28 years of product development, digital marketing, and business management experience between themselves on board.
Our cross-functional team of experienced and highly skilled professionals is all problem solvers and not just code monkeys. We don’t have any project or account managers separating our customers from the team responsible for any project. Our team structure embraces the ethos of transparency with our clients, which in turn helps them to get a hassle-free, seamless end to end solution. Also, we run a flat organisation without any conventional team hierarchy where a senior has to earn respect through knowledge, dedication, and sincerity.


Our team is always here, ready to address any and all communications. Our project managers and business analysts place a great value in building and maintaining proper communication with our clients as they believe proper communication is an indispensable part of success in any project.


We at Ebullientech are committed to making quality a part of our daily activity. Our objectives are professionalism, skills, and expertise which define our path forward for any project we undertake. We always use the best standards as practiced in any project and remain emphasized and dedicated to our competencies.


We remain focused and dedicated to our competencies. We constantly endeavour to enhance and build skills of our team members. We don't promise to deliver on requirement if we don't have enough skills and expertise in that area.

Latest Technology

Cutting edge expertise in latest web, mobile technologies. We incorporate powerful, cutting-edge technologies to speed-up, streamline, and simplify your requirements.


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Our Founders & Directors

Co-Founder & CEO

Kamalika Guha Roy

She is a dreamer and believes she can accomplish all her dreams through hard work and sincerity. She relies on her self-confidence to achieve any goal set for her. Not like it stops her from living life to the best and on her own terms.


Mithu Sarkar

She is the helping hand, always here for you. When work piles, she just smiles. You wouldn’t know if she is talking to a friend or her client, that’s how good an account manager she is. Believes to live in the moment.